Tips for saving money and energy. Make your home less expensive to operate, more comfortable to live in, and more environmentally friendly.

5 Heat Pump Maintenance Tips to Maximize Savings

Before performing any maintenance on your heat pump system, shut off all power to both the indoor and outdoor units. […]

5 Tips To Save Energy When Using Your Clothes Washer

  There are a number of different ways to save energy and money while doing laundry. When laundry day arrives, […]

Insulation: Choosing the Best Fit for Your Home

Types of Insulation   1. Rolls and Batts Rolls and batts — or blankets — are flexible products made from […]

5 Tips to Keep Your Home Cool in the Summer Months

Finding ways to keep cool during the heat of summer does not have to be difficult and pricey. Efficiency Nova […]

Top 10 Tips for Running an Efficient Fridge

Follow these 10 tips to help with the efficiency and life of your fridge or freezer.

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