See the world a little brighter
with energy efficient lighting upgrades in your home.
woman shopping for LED bulb

Energy saving lighting for your home

Save money, energy, and the environment with energy efficient lighting. Get instant in-store rebates on a variety of lighting products for your home, like:

  • LED lighting
  • Motion sensors
  • Dimmers


Looking for Lighting Solutions For Your Business?

You can find the right light for your business on our commercial lighting page.

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Potential Rebate
Rebate: Up to $400
Instant In-Store Product Rebates
Enjoy instant savings of up to $400 at the checkout and even longer-term savings on your power bill. Instant in-store product rebates on clothes dryers, dehumidifiers, and clothes washers are available year-round.
dimmer switch
Potential Rebate: $3 instant in-store rebate
Dimmer Switches

Adjust the lighting to fit the situation, and use only the light you need. Set the scene to make your home more comfortable.

LED fixture
Potential Rebate: $7 - $20 instant in-store rebate
LED Fixtures and LED Recessed Downlight Fixtures

LED fixtures look great, and lead to savings on your energy bills.

LED bulb
Potential Rebate: Up to $7 instant in-store rebate
LED Bulbs

LEDs are the new normal when it comes to lightbulbs, and for good reason. They use energy more efficiently, don’t contain harmful mercury, and last up to 25,000 hours.

Potential Rebate: $8 instant in-store rebate
Outdoor Motion Sensors

Motion sensors keep the lights on as long as there is movement. After movement stops, the detector switches the lights off—and starts saving you money.

Potential Rebate: $5 instant in-store rebate
Indoor Motion Sensors

Save energy and money by using motion sensors to automatically turn lights on and off.