Keep your home the perfect temperature year-round
with a range of heating and cooling equipment.
Heating & Cooling

Heating is the biggest energy consumer in most Nova Scotian homes. Save money and energy by upgrading to:

  • Heat pumps
  • Wood or pellet furnaces and stoves
  • Programmable thermostats and more
Discover the next steps to making your home more comfortable and efficient.
Potential Rebate
Rebate: Up to $2,500
Heating System Rebates
Upgrade to an efficient home heating system and we’ll offer rebates to complement your monthly savings and cozy, comfortable home.
Potential Rebate
Rebate: $2 - $200
Instant In-Store Product Rebates
Enjoy instant savings of $2 to $200 at the checkout and even longer-term savings on your power bill. Instant in-store product rebates on refrigerators, dehumidifiers, and clothes washers are available year-round.
Potential Rebate
Rebate: $30 - $5,000
Home Energy Assessment
A $99 Home Energy Assessment is the best way to discover how to save energy. In a 2-3 hour assessment, an Energy Advisor will review your home for insulation levels, air leakage, and mechanical systems. Take advantage of rebates on qualifying upgrades.
Find a Contractor
Search our directory to find a qualified local professional to complete your efficiency upgrade project. Connect with contractors, insulation installers, heating system installers, electricians, and more.
It’s so nice to come home to a warm house in the winter!

Pamela and James recently replaced four regular thermostats in their home with programmable ones. Now their home heats up and cools down on its own, based on their weekly schedule. They are no longer wasting heat and energy when they aren’t home, and can set the temperature to be perfect as soon as they step in the door.

Annual Savings: They now save $100 on yearly heating bills since switching to programmable thermostats.

Potential Rebate: $100 instant in-store rebate
Smart Thermostats

Home smart home. Smart thermostats learn your routine and adjust to create the perfect home temperature.

Click here to view list of smart thermostats that qualify for year round instant in-store rebate of $100.

Potential Rebate: $25 instant in-store rebate
Smart Thermostats for Electric Baseboard Heating

Install a smart thermostat and control your baseboard heating with your phone. You could save up to $150 on your annual power bill.

Potential Rebate: $15 - $45 instant in-store rebate
Programmable Thermostats

Why heat your home when you don’t need to? Program these thermostats to warm the house when you’re home, not when you’re out or asleep.

Potential Rebate: Up to $400
Solar Air Heating Equipment

Solar air heaters capture heat from sunlight, a renewable energy source that’s surprisingly abundant in Nova Scotia, and uses it to heat your home.

Potential Rebate: $1,000 per unit
Pellet Furnaces/Boilers

Pellet furnaces are good for the environment, and good for your wallet. Keep your home warm, and heating dollars local with sustainable pellets made right here in Nova Scotia.

Potential Rebate: $1,000 per unit
Wood Furnaces/Boilers

Wood can reduce your heating bill by up to 60%. Use a sustainable, carbon-neutral fuel source made right here in Nova Scotia.

Potential Rebate: Up to $600 per ton
Heat Pumps

Rebates and financing to help you switch from electric heat to an energy efficient heat pump—and start saving money.

Potential Rebate: $500 per unit

Sustainably fuelled wood and pellet stoves heat your home and help the environment as well as your wallet.

Potential Rebate: $300
Heat Recovery Ventilation

This product helps retain heat from your indoor air system, drawing fresh air in and sending stale air out.