Important Notice:

Enrollment in Mi’kmaw Home Energy Efficiency Project [MHEEP] for those with a Certificate of Possession is open until Jun 14, 2024 for the 2024/25 year.  After this date, you may be added to a waitlist for the next enrollment period beginning in early 2025.


MHEEP Application for Certificate of Possession Holders

Please review the following information and complete the form to confirm your Certificate of Possession.


  • The home must be in a First Nation
  • The home must be a single-unit home; duplexes and triplexes are permitted
  • The home cannot have participated in MHEEP before

Please Note: If you live in a band-owned home, please contact your Housing department directly to express your interest in MHEEP.

If you have a Certificate of Possession for your home, you may apply directly to MHEEP.

Those with a Certificate of Possession may be eligible for several ENS programs, including:

Certificate of Possession owners are encouraged to look into other programs before deciding if MHEEP is the best fit for them. For all other programs other than MHEEP, please follow the relevant application procedures using the program links provided above. The home is only permitted to enroll in one ENS program at a time.

If you submit a signed letter from your community administration office confirming your Certificate of Possession, this will speed up the process and we won’t need to take any further steps to verify your Certificate of Possession. If you don’t upload this letter, that’s no problem! We’ll try to contact your community administration office for you. Note that if we aren’t able to obtain verification from your community administration office, we may need to ask you to send us a signed letter at that point.

If the Certificate of Possession owner is not the primary occupant of the home, please note that MHEEP requires that the owner be willing to schedule appointments and sign all required paperwork.

If you’re ready to confirm your Certificate of Possession and apply to MHEEP, please complete and submit the following application:

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