New Home Construction – Consider Building a Passive House

If you are thinking about building a new home – consider a Passive House. Your pocket will thank you in […]

Hide and Seek

He is not thinking about how smart he was to draft proof and insulate the house. He is just enjoying […]

Good Night

They are not thinking about how smart it was to install motion activated lights in the bathroom. They are just […]

Line Dry

She is not thinking about the money she is saving from hanging her clothes out to dry. She is just […]

HomeWarming – Free Home Upgrades for Low Income Home Owners

View this video to see how HomeWarming was able to provide free home upgrades for this young Nova Scotian family.

Appliance Retirement – Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

Efficiency Nova Scotia makes getting rid of an old working fridge or freezer easy. Watch our animated video to learn […]

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