Save money while you sleep,
with an electric thermal storage unit and time-of-day power rates.

Electric Thermal Storage

Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) units are an effective solution for homeowners looking to save money, while still providing the heat you need – when you need it. And, there are now rebates available to help you get started.

These units take advantage of time-of-day rates by storing energy overnight when prices are low, then releasing their stored heat the next day when energy prices are higher.

There are a few different types of ETS units, such as:

  • Room ETS
  • Central ETS
  • In-floor radiant heating
  • Heat pump combination

Benefits of ETS Units

There are many benefits to including these energy storage units as your home heating system:

  • comfortable, reliable heat when you need it
  • reduce energy bills up to 40% by taking advantage of time-of-day rates
  • compact units perfect for combining with heat pumps, or used on their own
  • no fuss “set it and forget it” system
  • quiet operation
  • rebates available to help with product costs

Is an Electric Thermal Storage unit right for you?

While ETS units are often a great addition, there are certain considerations to ensure they are the perfect fit for you and your home.

Smaller or open concept homes

ETS units distribute heat more effectively in smaller spaces with fewer physical barriers.

A lifestyle that suites time-of-day rates

A schedule or lifestyle that allows you to maximize the benefits of time-of-day rates (e.g. not a lot of activity/energy usage overnight).

Comfortable with automation

Are you a homeowner that’s looking for a “set it and forget it” home heating system? Then an ETS unit could be right for you.

Time-of-Day Rates

The demand for electricity varies throughout the province depending on the time of day. During low-demand times (such as at night when most people are sleeping), the price of electricity is at its cheapest. ETS units take advantage of this and store energy when prices are lower, to use the next day when demand (and prices!) are higher.

Visit the Nova Scotia Power website to learn more about time-of-day pricing.

Discover rebates available to help you save money while you sleep with your new ETS unit.
Potential Rebate
$98 - $2,000
Heating System Rebates

Depending on the unit you install, receive rebates of up to $2,000 to complement the energy savings on your bill of up to 40%. Get started by completing the ETS Rebate Application.

Potential Rebate
$198 - $2,100
Home Energy Assessment

For $199, an Energy Advisor will do a comprehensive review of energy-saving opportunities in your home and make recommendations for qualifying upgrades. Rebates on products like ETS units are available when you participate in our Home Energy Assessment Program.