Recycle old products containing mercury
for free.
Mercury Collection

Mercury is a toxic pollutant that threatens the health of humans, fish, and other wildlife. By recycling mercury-containing products, you can help reduce the amount of mercury entering our environment.

Bring your mercury-containing products to the drop-off location nearest you and we’ll recycle them free of charge.

We can help you recycle the following products:

Also includes: Barometers, button cell batteries, loose liquid mercury, medical devices, and blood-pressure meters.


CFL’s and Fluorescent tubes (T5, T8, T12)


Appliances switches (e.g. chest freezers). Pick-up information: Call 1-888-303-2103 to schedule pick-up or book online.

Getting Started

We accept a wide range of residential mercury-containing products, so you can help do your part in keeping this toxin out of our environment.

We also accept many business products, and offer different solutions for collection.

For high-volume of eligible products, we offer no-cost pick-up from your site. Contact us with details of your products and location.

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