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You can make a difference in Nova Scotia.

Part of transitioning to a greener future involves shifting to more modern and innovative technology, like water heater controllers.

When you sign up for the Shift and Save program, an Efficiency Nova Scotia partner will come to your home and attach a small device to your water heater. This device makes minor changes to your water heater’s schedule to shift your energy use and help ease the strain on the electrical grid—and all at no cost to you!

Most importantly, these changes won’t impact your hot water availability and should never lead to cold water.

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Enrollment for this program is currently closed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

How does this help Nova Scotia?

When Nova Scotians use large amounts of electricity at the same time (like showering in the morning, or cooking in the evening), it can strain the electrical grid and result in costly surges. This is known as peak demand.

One innovative solution to this problem is demand response, which reduces your electricity usage during times of peak demand. That’s where water heater controllers come in. A water heater controller monitors energy usage and makes minor adjustments to when your water heater operates, easing strain on the electrical grid without affecting hot water availability in your home.

By participating in the program, you’re helping create a greener tomorrow for Nova Scotia.



You’ll be doing your part as we work toward a greener energy future for Nova Scotia. Your participation in this program means that you are helping the environment as well as your fellow Nova Scotians.


You’ll be one of the first customers in Nova Scotia to experience the benefits of the technology.


You’re helping Nova Scotians save – the reduced peak impact will create less strain on the grid and will help the province to be more green.


Receive annual incentives for participating in the program.


You’ll gain access to an app that provides detailed insights on your home’s water usage and performance.


Your app will also alert you if it detects a leak or broken element.


Why should I enroll?

There are many benefits of enrolling! You’ll be helping to make Nova Scotia a greener place to live, and you’ll receive an annual incentive of $15 for the first year and then $10 every full year after that. This incentive will be paid out each spring. The amount may change as the program develops.

Will this cost me anything or will there be an increase in my water bill?

There is no cost to the homeowner.

How long am I enrolled for?

This program is full time, meaning that once you enroll, your controller will be stay connected and you will receive an annual incentive. You can opt-out at any time by contacting

Will this program affect my hot water supply?

The water heater controller works behind the scenes to manage your water heater; most importantly, your hot water availability will remain unchanged. Our number one priority is your comfort, so all this happens without ever leading to cold water. The controller simply reduces the amount of electricity your hot water heater uses during times of peak demand—approximately ten times per month.

Is there anything that I need to do after it has been installed?

You aren’t required to do anything once the controller has been installed. There’s no upkeep or requirements. Just let us install it and we’ll do our thing! You shouldn’t notice any changes to your water, and you’ll likely even forget that it’s there.

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