My Energy Improvement Plan PACE Program

Program Highlights:   

  • Efficiency Nova Scotia is partnering with municipalities to offer Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE). PACE helps homeowners invest in a wide-range of home energy improvements for future savings on their energy bills.
  • Through Efficiency Nova Scotia, EfficiencyOne is offering the full design, implementation and administration of PACE on a not-for-profit basis.
  • PACE is a financing mechanism for municipalities. After approval a homeowner can finance energy improvements through payments tied to a local improvement charge.
  • All charges incurred during the home energy improvements are included in the PACE charges, which attach to the property, not the individual. If a homeowner decides to sell their home in the future, PACE charges carry-over to the new homeowner. This ensures both the payments and the energy savings stay with the people who enjoy the benefits of a comfortable, efficient home.
  • PACE helps homeowners overcome the major financial hurdle of investing in whole home energy improvements and allows up to 10 years for repayment and no penalty for paying off early.
  • All costs to provide the program are paid for by participants, and there are no costs to property owners who do not participate.