Case Study: New Construction

A service to help enhance the energy efficiency of major renovation projects and fund up to 50% of the incremental cost.Business:

White Point Beach Resort (near Liverpool, NS)


It’s fair to say there was no decision made on this building without energy efficiency in mind.

Environmentally conscious resort wanted to rebuild its main lodge and incorporate energy efficient solutions, without going over budget.


After a 2011 fire, White Point rebuilt their iconic 1928 main lodge within a year, using energy efficient design standards (and the look and feel of the much-loved original building).

After discussing the new construction project with Efficiency Nova Scotia, White Point was eligible for both incentives and rebates for:

  • energy modeling costs
  • propane heating system installation (featuring six propane-fired rooftop units with heat exchangers, saving about $35,000 a year)
  • demand-controlled kitchen exhaust system (cutting energy use by 40-60%, running quietly, and keeping the kitchen cooler in the summer)
  • commercial kitchen appliances (Energy Star)

Together, the heating system and kitchen equipment are projected to save nearly 350,000 kWh or $45,000 a year.


“The people that we dealt with from Efficiency Nova Scotia were very good and forthcoming with their advice. They really made us think about what the selection process should be in choosing our fixtures and equipment to maximize our long-term return on investment. Energy use is becoming a very significant part of our overhead these days, so we really have to watch it carefully. The cost of electricity is rising and we don’t wish to reflect this in our own prices, so it’s absolutely essential that we look for every efficiency we can.”

Robert Risley, Owner, White Point Beach Resort

“It’s fair to say there was no decision made on this building without energy efficiency in mind. We were very conscious of that. It’s just part of who we are as a culture here at White Point.”

Joanne Veinotte, General Manager, White Point Beach Resort

“We’ve been partnering with Efficiency Nova Scotia for many years. With their help, we furthered our commitment to energy efficiency by replacing ‘monsters of consumption.’”

Donna Hatt, Marketing and Product Development Manager, White Point Beach Resort

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