COPOL International – Running for Less with Efficiency Nova Scotia


Increased efficiency means increased savings for Cape Breton business

If you’ve ever heated a microwave dinner, or unwrapped the twisted ends of a candy, you’ve most likely used one of COPOL International’s many cast polypropylene film (CPP) products. As North America’s leading producer of cast polypropylene film (CPP), COPOL International operates a 90,000 square foot plant in North Sydney, NS which runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

VP Operations and General Manager Denis Lanoë is always looking for ways to improve the business and find savings on their bottom line. After a presentation from Efficiency Nova Scotia, Lanoë reached out in an effort to optimize the plant’s compressed air system. With only one air compressor keeping up with the production schedule of the whole plant, it was clear that this was a key opportunity to create a more efficient operation.

Lanoë explains, “We installed the new compressor, and the results were immediate. The reduction in power usage was close to 70%. And the payback on the new equipment was less than a year.”

The COPOL plant uses compressed air in all of their systems and processes, so an upgrade like this made a significant difference in their day-to-day operations. Lanoë points out, “The biggest impact has been financial. Reduction in operating costs which allows us to put money towards other programs and other projects.”

And they aren’t stopping there. COPOL International recognizes the value of longer term, continuous improvement through energy efficiency in their plant. Through continuing to partner with Efficiency Nova Scotia, they are developing a tailored plan to strategically manage their energy use and find new ways to improve their bottom line, while lowering bills.

Through an ongoing partnership with Efficiency Nova Scotia, COPOL International has made some key changes and upgrades in equipment and procedures, with promising results that are only going to continue.

COPOL is enjoying the good things efficiency brings, and your business can too.


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