Lessons in Efficiency on the South Shore


Facing the challenge of limited resources and few processes in place to monitor wasted energy, a group of schools on the South Shore were unknowingly spending more than necessary on utility bills. They were ready to take energy efficiency into their own hands, and invest the savings where they would really count—back into the classroom.

20% savings on bills, with results that continue yearly.

Managed by Andy Selig, Operations Coordinator, the schools partnered with Efficiency Nova Scotia to identify wasted energy used outside of educational hours. Once established, they made simple scheduling changes to heating, lighting, and pumping equipment to get energy spending back where it should be. And the best thing was, these changes required no capital investment or formal training for any of the staff. By updating the equipment scheduling, the schools realized 20% in savings, which they directed back into the classroom.

  • No formal training required
  • Simple equipment scheduling changes
  • 20% savings on bills, with results that continue yearly
  • More comfortable classrooms and learning environments
  • 60% less run time on equipment, reducing wear and tear
  • Less time spent on equipment maintenance

Classrooms were more comfortable for students and staff, and created better learning opportunities. And behind the scenes was no different. The optimized scheduling of equipment led to 60% less run time, reducing wear, tear, and maintenance time.

Overall, it was a lesson learned for everyone involved, highlighting just how easy it can be to enjoy the good things efficiency brings.

Learn more and get started at efficiencyns.ca/SEM