Travelodge Sydney pumps savings back into their business


Travelodge Sydney is upping their competitive advantage with help from rebates offered by Efficiency Nova Scotia. Working together in partnership, they have managed to find cost savings through energy efficiency—something they can pass on to guests.

The 114-bedroom hotel installed 50 Packaged Terminal Heat Pump (PTHP) units throughout the space. These high efficiency units are a popular choice for hotels because they are easy to install and offer great savings. There was no downtime at all, which meant business as usual for Travelodge Sydney.

PTHP units are installed through the outside wall and are easy to swap with existing heating or cooling equipment. “It’s for that reason, they’re a perfect solution for hotels and commercial spaces,” says Business Development Manager for Efficiency Nova Scotia, Donald Dodge.

“It just made sense from an environmental perspective as well as the spin off on energy savings and guest comfort” – Ronald Hebert

Guests are already noticing a difference. “Since installation of these units, feedback from our guests has been positive,” says Ron Hebert, Atlantic Regional Maintenance Manager of Travelodge, “They’re more aesthetically pleasing and quieter. Guests now have the option to regulate the temperature in their room.”

By installing these units, Travelodge Sydney can expect to save $15,000 annually. This yearly surplus can be invested directly back into the hotel for future energy efficient upgrades and continued savings on their bottom line.

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