Case Study: Appliance Retirement

BY Andrew Bray

Free service helps save money, recycle old appliances, and pays cash reward.


Beth Carman, Lake Echo


Beth wanted to replace her old energy-guzzling fridge with a new energy efficient model.

She also wanted to be environmentally responsible, without the hassle: getting rid of an old fridge on garbage day means removing both the door and the Freon gas.

You’re taking away my appliance and you want to give me $30?’ I thought that was pretty wild so I called.


The Appliance Retirement Program.

Once booking a pick-up (online or toll free at 1-888-303-2103), the program hauled away Beth’s appliance, removed the Freon gas, recycled the materials and gave her a $30 incentive.

After buying a new, more energy efficient fridge, Beth will save in the ballpark of $100/year, or approximately 700 kWh/year.

Reaction:According to Beth:

“The fellows came. They were super-efficient. They came in, took the stuff out. They were so pleasant. I didn’t have to do anything.”

“I was thrilled. Everybody that I talk to, I tell them: ‘you should deal with these people! You should like them on Facebook and then call them and see what they can do for you!’”

“[At first I thought] ‘Wait a minute now! What’s the string here? You’re taking away my appliance and you want to give me $30?’ I thought that was pretty wild so I called.”

“I’m going to buy a new freezer – a freezer for the basement. And I will get you people to come and take my old one away.”

“They say 95 per cent of it is recycled. Oh my God! That’s awesome! You see the freezers and fridges they dump on the side of the road. It’s appalling.”

“I liked you on Facebook and now I get [info on] all kinds of stuff.”

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