Working together to make homes in Wagmatcook more energy efficient – Heat Pump Success Story



Francis A. Pierro has lived in Wagmatcook his entire life. As a community elder, he has loved being part of the community overlooking the Bras d’Or Lakes, and even helped form a local drumming group when he was younger.

Current health conditions limit his involvement in the community and Francis’ comfort and mobility at home. Changes needed to be made to help make Francis’ house more energy efficient and liveable – so he could continue to enjoy the view of Bras d’Or, the shores of which Wagmatcook is settled, from the comfort of his home.

With help from Efficiency Nova Scotia, a new energy efficient heat pump was installed, lowering the cost to heat his home and cool it more efficiently in the warmer months. It also made it easier for Francis to control the temperature of his home day to day throughout the year.

“With the extreme heat last summer, it was difficult to breathe once inside my home. I am most looking forward to the possible air comfort in the summer from my new heat pump.” – Francis A. Pierro, Wagmatcook elder.

The heat pump is projected to save over $700 annually on energy costs and improve the air quality and comfort throughout his home, an important benefit for Francis.

Working with Nova Scotia’s Mi’kmaq Communities, Efficiency Nova Scotia developed a program to help make homes more comfortable. Free energy assessments determine which upgrades will have the biggest impact on the home’s energy consumption. Upgrades include insulation, draft-proofing, and heat pumps.