| April 9, 2024

Spring cleaning for energy savings

A couple cleans their living room together

Is anyone else feeling the urge to tackle their spring cleaning? We sure are, so we thought we’d share some helpful tips to get you started! Read on for simple actions that can have a big impact, from decluttering your space to making a fresh start with energy efficient habits.

Declutter your home, and your power bill

Step one of a good spring clean is to take stock of unused items and think about what can be retired, repurposed, or donated. Tackling storage rooms and closets can be pretty daunting, so here’s an easy one you can start with: old appliances! That old fridge or freezer may practically be part of the family by now, but it’s probably using more electricity than any other appliance in your home. Retiring these old units can actually save you up to $180 a year on your power bill and meaningfully reduce your environmental impact.

The great news is that we can do all the heavy lifting for you! Just schedule an appointment and we’ll pick up your old, working appliance at no cost and have it properly recycled to ensure no harmful chemicals end up in our landfills. We’ll even give you $50 for it (plus an extra $10 for every working air conditioner, mini fridge, or mini freezer you add). You’ll free up space in your home, consume less energy, and have an extra $50. A decluttering win!

Start fresh with energy efficient habits

While we’re on the subject of energy vampires, this is a good reminder to unplug electronic devices when they’re not in use. Did you know that many appliances and chargers continue to use energy even when not actively used? It’s true! By unplugging or using power-saving modes, you can eliminate unnecessary energy drain. You can even let a smart power bar do the work! Pick one up during our instant savings campaign and save $10 right at the checkout.

Another great habit to keep in mind as we head into spring is adjusting your thermostat. Lowering your setting by even a few degrees can actually lead to significant savings! Take it a step further by upgrading to a smart thermostat for efficient heating and cooling year-round. These handy devices are also part of our instant savings campaign so you can save $45 in store when you pick one up at participating retailers.

For even more savings, consider enrolling in our Eco-Shift program. During periods of high demand (like those super cold winter days) Eco-Shift participants will have their smart thermostats adjusted to a degree lower to reduce the strain on the grid. Once enrolled, participation is automatic but completely voluntary! You’ll always be notified before an event is set to occur and you can always decline on your thermostat or smart phone. You’ll receive rewards for participating ($40 when you enrol and $30 annually) while you lower your overall energy consumption. Definitely a shift in the right direction!

Our final tip for a fresh start this spring is to swap those dusty old incandescent bulbs for energy-efficient radiance with LED lighting. These modern lighting options use significantly less energy and can last up to 25 times longer. Not only will you save over time by using less energy, but you can save right at the checkout with our biggest lighting rebates ever! So go ahead and add LED bulbs to your shopping list along with a smart power bar and smart thermostat to take advantage of our instant savings event.

Making energy efficiency part of your spring cleaning is a great way to keep your home feeling bright and comfortable, and of course saving on your energy bill is always in season. Cheers to a fresh start!