HomeWarming – Lorne and Mildred Jennez

"We were so glad that you offer the HomeWarming program, as we would not have been able to do this ourselves."

Saving $900 per year on their heating bill

Lorne and Mildred Jennez live in an 800 sq ft. heritage home in Cape Breton. Built in 1945, the home was chilly in winter, letting valuable heat escape and their bills creep higher and higher. Through HomeWarming, they received foam insulation for their basement, cellulose insulation for their exterior main floor walls and a dehumidifier. The value of these upgrades is approx. $6,000 and they were done at no cost to the Jennez’s through the HomeWarming program. Their home is now cozier, and they’re enjoying the good things efficiency brings.

House Type: Detached
Year Built: 1945
Sq Footage:  800
Annual Savings: Lorne and Mildred are estimated to save up to $900 on their heating bill or 35.4 GJ of energy per year.