Water Heating – Scott and Jan Michaels

The rebate and savings on bills help a lot. We’re happy to add to the energy efficient upgrades we’ve done to our home.

Yarmouth family Scott and Jan Michaels were looking for a more cost-effective way to heat the water for their home, in a way that reduces their carbon footprint. They had already made many upgrades in their home after having a Home Energy Assessment, and were familiar with the process of working with Efficiency Nova Scotia. They installed a solar thermal domestic hot water heating system for which they received a $1,000 rebate. Now, they have a steady supply of hot water that’s easier on their wallet and the environment. 

House Type: Detached single-family home | Year Built: 1998
Sq Footage:  2,170 sq ft. | Annual Savings:  They now save $167 annually on water heating bills.