Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) System Rebate Guide

System Type*IncentiveStorage Power (kW)Storage Energy (kWh)Coincident Demand Savings (kW - 8h charge)
Ecombi ECO158 (room unit)$316 /System1.07.90.5
Ecombi ECO208 (room unit)$420 /System1.310.50.7
Ecombi ECO308 (room unit)$628 /System2.015.71.0
Ecombi ECO408 (room unit)$840 /System2.621.01.3
Steffes 2102 (room unit)$540 /System3.013.50.8
Steffes 2103 (room unit)$812 /System4.520.31.3
Steffes 2104 (room unit)$1,080 /System6.027.01.7
Steffes 2105 (room unit)$1,352 /System7.533.82.1
Steffes 2106 (room unit)$1,600 /System9.040.02.5
Unlisted model (room unit) - prescriptive**$40 /kWh**N/AN/AN/A
Central system (prescriptive)***$2,000 /System***N/AN/A5.0
Residential domestic
hot water timer
(bundle with central/room ETS)****

Notice: The Heating System Rebates Program is currently running a pilot program for ETS systems installed on or after April 1st, 2024. ETS rebates are now available for systems installed in oil heated homes ON or AFTER April 1st, 2024. No rebates are available for systems installed in oil heated homes before this date.

* ETS systems must be replacing or supplementing electric resistance heating in 100% electrically heated homes. No incentives available for non-electric homes or for the replacement of working/non-working ETS units

** $40 per kWh, lesser of the total storage or the 8-hr storage capacity (multiplied by 8)

*** Central ETS systems provide a single incentive of $2,000

**** Residential domestic hot water timers are available to be added to any standard electric hot water heater where the homeowner is on, or switching to, the Residential Time of Day electricity rate through Nova Scotia Power