5 Energy Efficient Habits to Adopt This Year

Heat and Cool Your Home More Efficiently

Heating and cooling your home can be a major source of energy loss if it’s not done efficiently. Finding and sealing drafts is one easy way to help keep the heat from escaping your home. Discover more about your home and additional ways to save by booking a Home Energy Assessment. Eligible homeowners will not only learn how to make their home more energy efficient and cozy, they may also be eligible for rebates on energy efficiency upgrades.


Switch to LEDs

LEDs use less energy than other bulbs and last longer.  Making the switch to LEDs doesn’t have to be hard. At absolutely no cost to you, one of our qualified partners will install energy efficient products in your home by simply booking your appointment.


Purchase Energy Efficient Products

Energy efficient products can help you save money every year on your power bill while keeping you comfortable. Through Instant Savings you can save instantly in store on a ton of energy saving devices. Savings on appliances (clothes dryers, dehumidifiers, and washers) are year round, while savings on other products are available every spring and fall.


Turn Off The Lights

Simple things such as turning off your lights when leaving a room or when the room is not in use will not only save energy but money also. Take advantage of our motion sensor light rebates that are available every spring and fall.


When Purchasing Big Ticket Items

If you’re in the market for new appliances, look for those with the ENERGY STAR® logo. Appliances with this logo use less energy than other appliances and will save you money on your energy bills and help protect the environment.