8 Energy Saving Tips for the Living Room


The living room is a busy, non-stop hang out that is rarely seen unoccupied. It’s important that all members of the household are educated and mindful of energy saving practices they can follow when spending time in the living room. Follow these tips for energy savings:


1. Plug your entertainment system electronics into a power bar with a timer, or a smart power strip. TV’s, satellite receivers, PVR’s, gaming systems, computers, and others, still draw energy, even when in standby mode. These energy saving products turn off devices at a preset time, or turn off connected devices when powering down a main component such as a TV or computer. Check out Instant Savings available in stores on this product and others.


2. Keep draperies and furniture away from fans, ducts, heating registers, and cold-air return registers to maximize air circulation.


3. In winter months, keep drapes and shades open during the day to let sunshine in; close them at night. In summer months, keep them closed to prevent the sun from heating up your space and working against your cooling unit.


4. Keep lamps, TVs and other electrical appliances away from the thermostat. The thermostat may sense the heat put off from these appliances, potentially causing your furnace to shut off too soon and restart frequently.


5. Swap out your bulbs for energy efficient LEDs. If your home has incandescent bulbs, we will visit your home and install LEDs for free!


6. Install dimmer switches. These products save energy by reducing the lighting intensity in a room. Each Spring and Fall, in store savings are available for this product and more at stores across the province.


7. Bundle up. Rather than cranking up the heat when you’re cold, put on a warm sweater or wrap yourself in a cozy blanket.


8. Add an insulating lining to your draperies. Reduce heat loss through the window by creating a sealed air gap between the window and the living space with insulated window coverings.