Air loss and insulation in your building

Energy efficiency doesn’t have to mean big complicated projects and high capital investment. It can be as simple as adding more insulation to your building or caulking around drafty windows and doors that together, make a large impact.

You can greatly reduce heat loss and lower your power bills by improving air leaks in your business. Start by taking a walk around your building and make note of any air leaks or missing insulation that you may see.

Here’s what too keep an eye out for:

Man filling the air leak gaps
Air leaks

  • Visible cracks or drafts that you can feel around windows, doors and electrical outlets.
  • Gaps along the floor edges and places where pipes come through the walls.
  • On the exterior of your building, check for places where there might be two different building materials that meet or where pipes come through the siding. These could leave a gap allowing air to enter the building.

Man checking insulation




  • Check the insulation levels in the attic
  • Check the insulation in the wall of your building by turning off the power to an outlet, removing the cover and assessing the insulation behind the sheet rock
  • Check whether water heater tanks, hot water pipes and air ducts are insulated.




Once you have a list of places where you’ve found air leaks and missing or low levels of insulation, it’s an easy fix. For added insulation you may want to hire a contractor, but for minor air leaks you can save money by doing them yourself.

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