Our team put together simple, low-cost tips to help keep you comfortable this summer season.


Summertime in Nova Scotia is the best. But let’s face it, being too hot isn’t pleasant. We put together a guide to help keep your home comfortable, without driving your energy costs up.

1. Use your air conditioner when needed

Whether you have a window unit or a heat-pump, you are using energy to generate cool air. If your space is comfortable without air conditioning, turn it off and save money.

2. Choose an air conditioning unit that’s ENERGY STAR® certified

If you don’t have a heat-pump and are looking to purchase an air conditioner, consider an ENERGY STAR ® model. ENERGY STAR ® is the government-back symbol for energy efficiency.

Click here to visit the ENERGY STAR® website for a list of models

3. The direction of your fan matters!

In the warmer months, your ceiling fan should rotate counterclockwise. This will push the cold air down and help keep your space cooler.

4. Place your portable fan by a window

Fans don’t actually cool a room – they move air, so their placement is important. Ensure your fan is placed next to an open window at night to allow it to pull in cool, outdoor air.

5. Use your blinds and drapes

Block the sun from entering that space by closing the window curtains and blinds during the hours the sun is beaming in. It limits the sun’s heat from heating up your space.

6. Give your oven a break

Your oven is a large appliance that can throw a lot of heat – the last thing you need on a hot summer day. Instead, use a smaller appliance or your barbecue for dinner.

7. Don’t set your air conditioner too low

It will cost you! We recommend keeping your air conditioner at 25°C, which should keep the room at a comfortable temperature.