Build energy efficiency into your new home,
from the ground up.

New Home Construction Service

If you’re building a new home, we can help make it more comfortable and energy efficient. For $99, an Efficiency Partner will review your building plans and provide you with customized recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of the design. Included is an EnerGuide rating that tells you (and future buyers) that your home saves energy—and money. Depending on the efficiency of your new home, you could receive up to $9,000 in rebates.

Find a list below of Efficiency Partners who can help you get started.

Next Steps
1. Eligibility

Your application must be submitted before or within 30 days of receiving your building permit and your new build must be electrically heated.

2. Contact an Efficiency Partner

Contact one of our Efficiency Partners to help you complete and submit your application to the program. Schedule time for them to complete your initial assessment and review your building plans.

3. Initial Assessment

During your initial assessment, your Efficiency Partner searches for any opportunities to save you money and energy. They will make recommendations to incorporate more energy efficiency into your new home. Depending on the level of efficiency of your home, you can receive up to $9,000 in incentives.

4. Build Your Home

Build your home and have your Efficiency Partner conduct a follow up assessment within 12 months of your application approval date. Either the builder or the homeowner may register the home, but the rebate will go to the registrant.

5. Stay comfortable & Save Our Environment

Integrating good design, a high-performance building envelope, and energy efficient technologies into new construction can keep your house warmer and more comfortable in every room—for less money. Because every kilowatt of electricity you use is up to 70% fossil fuel-based, any upgrade you make to your home is upgrading our environment.

Getting Started

Simply call one of our Efficiency Partners to complete and submit an application. Your application must be submitted before or within 30 days of receiving your building permit and your new build must be electrically heated.

1-844-469-0687 or 902-701-6737 (in HRM)

Amerispec Home Inspection Services
Province-wide (Except Cape Breton)
1-844-432-0077 or 902-708-0436 (in HRM)

Homesol Building Solutions

Summerhill Group
Halifax, Annapolis Valley, Cumberland-Colchester, Lunenburg, and Queens counties

High Performance Home Plan Pilot

Make an even bigger difference in the efficiency of your new home. Learn more about additional rebates and resources for making your new home a High Performance Home.

Find a Contractor
Search our directory to find an Efficiency Trade Network member to complete your efficiency project. Search contractors, insulation installers, heating system installers, electricians and more.
I’m glad I built energy efficiency into my brand new home. Now I have nothing to worry about later, and my bills are lower right from the beginning.

Linda’s mini-home was built in 2016, and she wanted to keep efficiency in mind so her future bills would be manageable. She installed the recommended upgrades of a mini-split heat pump and programmable thermostats to be built into her new home. She received a rebate of $1,000, and these upgrades help her save over $400 a year on her bills.

House Type: Mini-home | Year Built: 2016
Sq Footage:  800 sq ft.
Annual Savings: Linda is now saving over $400 per year in energy costs.

Efficiency Nova Scotia made it easy to ensure the plans for our new home would be the most energy efficient they could be.

The Robinsons were building a new single-detached home in Hammonds Plains, just outside Halifax. To ensure that their home would be energy efficient, they contacted Efficiency Nova Scotia to review their plans. They implemented the recommended upgrades—a centrally ducted heat pump, ENERGY STAR appliances, and an efficient heat recovery ventilator. They received a $1,000 rebate and save over $1,500 a year in energy costs.

House Type: Two storey single detached home | Year Built: 2012
Sq Footage:  2,400 sq ft.
Annual Savings: The Robinsons save over $1,500 per year in energy costs.

Available Rebates
Choose from a variety of upgrades

You can have your home rated using the EnerGuide rating system or pursue NetZero or Passive House certification. The certification or rating achieved will define your incentive:


Single Family Detached Homes 1  
TierRebateTarget 3
1$2,00040% better than code
2$5,00065% better than code
(plus additional $2,000 top-up)
75% better than code, Net Zero Ready, Net Zero or Passive House Certification


Multi-Unit Homes 2  
TierRebateTarget 3
1$1,00030% better than code
2$2,00065% better than code
(plus additional $2,000 top-up)
75% better than code, Net Zero Ready, Net Zero or Passive House Certification


1Single Family Detached Home is defined for the purposes of this program as a single detached dwelling containing only one dwelling unit and is completely separated by open space on all sides from any other structure, except its own garage or shed.

2Multi Unit Homes is defined for the purposes of this program as multiple single-family dwellings that exist in a side by side configuration and are joined by at least one side wall, such as semi-detached homes and row houses. Over/under duplexes, or apartment/ condo units are not eligible to participate in the New Home Construction Program.

3Targets are based on a percent improvement in consumption above the EnerGuide reference house and exclude base loads.

For participants also claiming rebates through SolarHomes, targets are exclusive of PV value. Home size includes all areas within the heated building envelope.

4An additional top-up incentive of $2,000 is currently available for Tier 3 homes and is provided by the Province of Nova Scotia. This top-up will end when funds are exhausted or by March 31, 2021.