Use cost savings from energy efficiency to reinvest
in your community.


Improving the energy efficiency of local rinks, arenas, schools, and universities will not only improve conditions and comfort, it will result in cost savings that can be reinvested in other ways.

For example, the savings gained from a more efficient refrigeration control system could be used to upgrade a facility’s outdated and energy-intensive lighting to LED.

And those savings can further be reinvested in the facilities, or used for other priorities within your community.

We have many solutions that can be tailored to custom fit your organization or facility. You and the community you serve will be enjoying the good things efficiency brings in no time, while saving on your bottom line, and having a positive impact on our environment.

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Your community could benefit from rebates on high quality, efficient equipment, and programs that identify energy saving opportunities—helping rinks, arenas, schools, and universities run at peak performance.

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It’s very rewarding to know you’re at the leading edge of reducing your impacts on the environment.

St. FX University optimized their existing buildings to run more efficiently, while making campus life more comfortable for students and staff. With lighting retrofits, automatic controls, and HVAC Direct Digital Control retrofits, technicians are now able to control the systems with their iPads. The school is saving over 770,000 kWh of energy and $135,000 yearly in steam, electric, and water bills.

I think it’s important that we all do our part, and every little bit helps.

A hospital in HRM is now using the power of the sun to heat up their water. With a rebate of $5,500, they were able to install a solar domestic hot water heater which is more energy efficient while also being better for the environment. This piece of equipment helps the hospital save $1,300 a year on energy bills, which they can re-invest in programs for staff and patients.

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