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Small Business

Energy efficiency means more than just savings on bills—your business will gain a competitive advantage, with additional benefits such as:

  • A more comfortable space for employees and customers, with better control of temperature and lighting
  • Savings on your bottom line
  • Equipment that is more reliable, has a longer life and needs fewer repairs
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • An improved reputation as a business concerned about the environment

Qualified businesses may receive a free energy assessment, rebates of up to 60% on upgrade projects, and 24-months interest free financing*. Your small business will notice big benefits while enjoying the good things efficiency brings.

* Conditions apply. See Terms & Conditions for details. Products purchased from a distributor that have already received an Efficiency Nova Scotia in-store rebate are not eligible for additional rebates.

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Your small business could benefit from rebates on high quality, efficient equipment, and programs that identify energy saving opportunities—helping it run at peak performance.

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The Kiwi Cafe improves the environment inside, and out

Kiwi Cafe wanted to reduce their environmental impact, but also reduced their monthly bills. Now they’re saving over $900 annually.

“The speed at which they processed the rebate was really appreciated… I would definitely recommend the process.”

Fisherman’s Picnic General Store installed an air source heat pump, which greatly increased comfort for both staff and customers. They received a rebate of $1,500 and are saving $650 annually. The store doesn’t need to use electric baseboard heat anymore, which makes a considerable positive impact on winter heat bills, and the environment.

Now our furniture looks much better, and our customers are enjoying their shopping experience.

Hometown Furniture & Mattress 

Hometown Furniture & Mattress partnered with Efficiency Nova Scotia and are now saving over $1,200 annually on energy bills.


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