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Efficiency Nova Scotia has programs and services that can benefit all types of businesses. We can make your business less expensive to operate, more competitive, more comfortable to work in, and reduce your carbon footprint.


We’ll help your manufacturing business run smoother, while saving. Whether you operate a food or lumber processing plant, or you’re in fabrications or fisheries, there are a range of programs, rebates, and incentives that will help your plant or business run more efficiently. Reduce equipment down-time, wastage, and maintenance, while creating a more productive environment for your employees.

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Commercial Building

Attract new tenants. Impress current ones.

Create a community of happy, long-term tenants. Fewer maintenance issues, and a more comfortable space will set you apart from other buildings, and have you enjoying the good things efficiency brings. Benefit from rebates, incentives, and expert advice to make the most of your energy efficient upgrades.

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Small Business

Make small changes to see big benefits. Small businesses of all kinds can benefit from making energy efficient upgrades. Improve your competitive advantage, and create a comfortable space for customers and employees, while saving on your bottom line.


Create the perfect guest experience in your hotel or restaurant. Incorporate energy efficient upgrades into your space with the help of rebates, incentives and expert advice from our Energy Advisors. Guests will not only enjoy their visit—they’ll tell others about it too.



We can’t control Mother Nature, but we can help control your energy costs. Whether you’re a dairy farmer or a greenhouse grower, we’ll help you reduce costs and increase yield, without interrupting your season. Meet our dedicated on-site energy manager for agriculture, and learn how you can enjoy the good things efficiency brings.

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Energy efficient upgrades to local rinks, arenas, and schools will lead to a more comfortable environment, and savings on the bottom line that you can reinvest in the community and people who call it home. Becoming an energy efficient municipality is simpler than you might think.

Non-Profit Organizations

Energy efficiency can help you do even more for those you serve. Put the savings from incentives and rebates toward furthering your cause.


Show off your products in the best light, no matter what type of retail store you own. Energy efficient upgrades lead to more comfortable customers and staff, better product displays, less maintenance, and savings on your bottom line. And the upgrades don’t have to be over the top. Start with small changes, to notice big benefits.