Create the perfect guest experience in
your hotel or restaurant.


Partner with us to create savings for your bottom line, by incorporating the good things efficiency brings into your operations. Your guests will not only enjoy a better experience—they’ll tell others about it too.

Some of the ways to improve your guests’ experience include:


  • Softer lighting, creating a warm and inviting ambiance
  • Humidity sensing, automatic fans to protect property from dampness and keep rooms feeling fresh
  • Quieter, more efficient heat pump units with combo ultrasonic and infrared sensors that won’t leave guests waking up cold
  • Energy efficiency washers and dryers to ensure the cleanest, softest sheets that’ll feel just like home


  • Softer lighting, creating a warm and inviting ambiance
  • Modern range hoods and ventilation, for better air quality
  • Updated insulation on outer walls, providing cozier temperatures in the winter, and cooler temperatures in the summer.
  • More efficient refrigeration, for food that stays fresher for longer

We offer incentives, financing and expert advice to help your business upgrade to energy efficient products.

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The Old Orchard Inn in Wolfville is using energy efficiency to their advantage by completing many upgrades like a heat pump, LED lighting, HVAC controls, in-room thermostat controls—and the installation of almost 300 solar panels. By retrofitting their building, the inn was able to cut down on their utility bills and create a more comfortable atmosphere for guests, which is key in the hospitality industry.

The new heat pumps have a five-star rating for quiet operation.

The Delta Halifax Hotel recently upgraded their systems to packaged terminal heat pumps. These are popular in accommodations as they provide consistent, efficient heating and cooling, and a comfortable environment in a quieter way. Guests are happy and comfortable, and bills stay low. Delta received a rebate of $225,000, payback period of 3.6 years, and is saving over $115,000 annually.

A $10,000 rebate and a cooler kitchen for White Point

White Point Beach Resort was looking for a way to keep their bills down and their kitchen comfortable, especially in the hot, busy summers. With a rebate of $10,000, they were able to upgrade to demand controlled kitchen ventilation equipment. As a result of the upgrades, the kitchen is cooler in the summer and the new equipment and appliances are quieter. They now save over $8,800 per year.

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