Important Notice:

The federal and provincial governments recently announced updates to rebates available for the Oil to Heat Pump Affordability program. Anyone who has already been accepted for a related Efficiency Nova Scotia program will automatically be considered for the rebate opportunities if eligible. If you have been accepted you do not need to re-apply for the updated benefits.

Oil to Heat Pump Affordability Program
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Support to transition from oil heating to heat pumps

The Government of Canada and the Province of Nova Scotia are working together to help low and median-income Canadian households who are currently heating their homes with oil to make the transition to electric cold-climate heat pumps. The Oil to Heat Pump Affordability (OHPA) Program provides up to $15,000 to help eligible homeowners make this switch and may be combined with funding from existing federal and provincial programs including the programs offered by Efficiency Nova Scotia. Meaning homeowners can increase the amount of rebates they receive for heat pumps, if moving away from oil, and can also receive support to upgrade electrical panels.

The OHPA Grant will provide up to $15,000 to cover costs for the purchase and installation of an eligible* Cold Climate air source heat pump, plus:

  • electrical and mechanical upgrades required for the new heat pump;
  • safe removal and/or decommissioning of the oil tank;
  • installation of a back-up electric heating system (as required); and
  • switching over other oil-using household systems, such as a hot water heater (where necessary).

Non-eligible costs would include cleanup of any pre-existing oil contamination found on-site at households.

*Only the cold climate air source heat pumps found on this Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps list are eligible under the OHPA program.


Homeowners may be eligible for the OHPA Grant if: 

  • their home is oil-heated as of January 2023 (this must be demonstrated with copies of their oil fuel bills from the 12 months preceding their application); 
  • they are the primary resident and owner of a single/ semi-detached home located in Nova Scotia and can provide proof of ownership; and
  • their total household income is at or below the maximum annual household income after-tax, as determined by Statistics Canada and outlined in the below chart.

NUMBER OF PEOPLE LIVING IN YOUR HOMEMAXIMUM ANNUAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME (Line 23600 minus line 43500 from your Tax Notice of Assessment)
1 person$37,260
2 people $77,050
3 people$98,900
4 people $120,750
5 or more people$126,500

How to Get Started

We recognize that there is a lot of information out there and it can be confusing to navigate the best options for your home. Check out some frequently asked questions about the OHPA Program below.

As of February 22, 2023, Nova Scotians can apply for the federal OHPA program through one streamlined application. Applicants will be required to submit documentation necessary to qualify for the program. Once the OHPA program is fully operational, program staff will verify income information and confirm eligibility before issuing payments to homeowners.

Click here for Moderate Income rebate and OHPA applications

*Please note, with the popularity of these programs, we are experiencing high volumes of calls, emails and applications. There are also delays due to contractor and material availability.  We are working hard to get as many people through the programs as quickly as possible, but we want our customers to be aware of potential delays.

Not sure if the OHPA program is right for you?

You may have heard about recent additional funding announcements from the provincial and federal governments. To help you navigate what support is available to you use our Energy Assistance Navigation Tool. It will help determine your eligibility and what program and funding support is best suited to meet your needs.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process to receive the OHPA Grant in Nova Scotia?

Building on co-delivery already underway as part of the Canada Greener Homes Grant (CGHG) the OHPA Grant is being co-delivered by Efficiency Nova Scotia. Eligible homeowners in Nova Scotia are invited to apply for the program through Efficiency Nova Scotia.

Click for Moderate Income rebate and OHPA applications

How do I apply?

Click here for Moderate Income rebate and OHPA applications

Due to recent additional funding announcements from the provincial and federal governments there is more support than ever to help Nova Scotians make their homes more energy efficient. Eligibility across programs can vary so to help navigate what support is available to you, use our Energy Assistance Navigation Tool. Answering a few questions about your home and your income will help determine what program and funding support is available and best suited to meet your needs. 

How much can homes expect to save from switching from an oil-heated system to a heat pump?

Energy costs vary with a number of factors including region, home size, etc. It’s expected that homeowners who switch from oil to heat pumps to heat their homes would save between $1,000 to $5,000 per year.

Can more than one person in my household receive the OHPA Grant?

No, the Grant is limited to one per household.

Where can I read more about OHPA?

Read the news release from the Government of Canada here. And refer to the national OHPA website for the latest program updates.

I’ve recently installed a new heat pump, am I eligible for the grant?

Homeowners who already installed an eligible cold climate air source heat pump system on or after January 31, 2023, can still apply for the grant but this grant would be paid retroactively. Homeowners will not receive a grant if they don’t meet OHPA program eligibility criteria, even if they have already installed the heat pump.

I am a renter paying heating oil costs. What are my options?

  • Renters are not eligible for this program – only homeowners who reside in their properties and use heating oil.
  • Regardless of if you rent or own Efficiency Nova Scotia offers free energy efficient products for your home like LED lighting and faucet aerators, through the Efficient Product Installation program.
  • And our Affordable Multifamily Housing program can support landlords of multi-residential buildings looking to make energy efficiency upgrades that result in lower energy bills for tenants.

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