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Commercial Buildings

Create a community of happy, long-term tenants in your building. Fewer maintenance issues, and a more comfortable space will set you apart from other buildings, and have you enjoying the good things efficiency brings.

Some of the ways to enjoy the benefits of efficiency include:

  • Rebates on products such as HVAC, water systems, and lighting
  • Help with custom services and the cost of engineering studies


We offer incentives, financing and expert advice to help your business upgrade to energy efficient products.

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Your commercial facility could benefit from rebates on high quality, efficient equipment, and programs that identify energy saving opportunities—helping your business run at peak performance.

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Sometimes you need that extra room in the budget for energy efficiency upgrades, and Efficiency Nova Scotia has filled that gap for us.

Crombie REIT received a large rebate of $99,000 on their installation of an energy efficient chilled water pump. And the benefits don’t stop there. Their average yearly savings are $150,000, with day-to-day operations having less of an impact on the environment, and increased comfort for tenants and customers.

“One month after recommissioning we noticed our energy consumption was about a third of what it was.”

Southport Apartments optimize their energy efficiency with help from Efficiency Nova Scotia. 

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