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Instant in-store product rebates

Enjoy instant savings of up to $400 at the checkout and even longer-term savings on your power bill. Rebates on energy efficient products are available year-round at participating retailers across the province.

New as of June 2021: We’ve added additional products to the year-round list. Rebates on LED fixtures, fixtures with motion sensors, and outdoor clotheslines kit and dryers are now available at any time in the year.

Available Rebates
Choose from a variety of upgrades

Energy Efficient ProductYear-round RebateSpring and Fall Rebate
Air Source Heat Pump Hot Water Heaters $400 rebate-
Clothes Dryers$75 rebate-
Clothes Washers$75 rebate-
Dehumidifiers$30 rebate-
Dimmer Switches-$3 rebate per unit or up to 50% off the package price (whichever is lower)
Heavy Duty Outdoor Timers-$8 rebate
High Efficiency Shower Heads-$8 rebate
Indoor Motion Sensors -$5 rebate
LED Fixtures and Recessed Down Lighting Fixtures NEW: $7 rebate or up to 50% off the package price (whichever is lower)-
LED Fixtures with Motion Sensor NEW: $20 rebate-
LED Non-A Series Bulbs -$7 rebate per unit or up to 50% off the package price (whichever is lower)
Outside Clothes Dryers NEW: $5 rebate-
Outside Clothesline Kits NEW: $5 rebate-
Outdoor Motion Sensors-$8 rebate
Power Bars and Smart Power Strips-$5 rebate
Power Bars and Smart Power Strips-$5 rebate
Programmable Thermostats for Electric Baseboard Heaters-$15 rebate per unit or up to 50% off the package price (whichever is lower)
Residential Pool Pumps $200 rebate-
Room Air PurifiersUp to $75 rebate-
Smart Thermostats for Electric Baseboard Heating $25 rebate-
Smart Thermostats (for non-electric heating)Up to $100 rebate-

Find a Retailer

Please search maps below for retailers who offer instant in-store product rebates, Smart Thermostat rebates and year-round appliance rebates. Simply search by postal code or zoom in on your preferred area to view retailers.

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ENERGY STAR appliances make such a difference on our energy bills, and they do a better job than our old washer and dryer.


Steve and Sylvia of Port Hawkesbury were frustrated by the costly energy and water bills from their old inefficient washing machine. They did some research and upgraded to an ENERGY STAR model, receiving a discount of $75 instantly in store. Now, their clothes are coming out cleaner and their bills are reduced. They’re saving over $40 a year in energy costs.

Annual Savings: Steve and Sylvia now save over $40 per year on energy costs.

Funding for the Instant In-store Rebate program

This program receives partial funding from the Government of Canada’s $56 million-dollar commitment to Nova Scotia from the Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund. Efficiency Nova Scotia is administering the program for the Province of Nova Scotia.

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