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while creating savings on your bottom line.


Whether you run a food or lumber processing plant, or you’re in fabrications or fisheries, Efficiency Nova Scotia has a range of programs, rebates and incentives that will help your plant or business run more efficiently, including:

  • Scoping studies that are customized to your business to help find energy saving opportunities.
  • Rebates for high quality, reliable equipment to help you reduce equipment downtime. 
  • Comprehensive energy management plans to help streamline work, reduce waste, and create a more productive environment for your employees.
  • Installation of energy management information systems and employee training that will  reduce your facility operating costs and increase profits.

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Your manufacturing facility could benefit from rebates on high quality, efficient equipment, and programs that identify energy saving opportunities—helping your business run at peak performance.

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The results were immediate. The reduction in power usage was close to 70%. And the payback on the new equipment was less than a year.


Through an ongoing partnership with Efficiency Nova Scotia, COPOL International has completed the EMIS program, making key changes and upgrades in equipment and procedures, with promising results that are only going to continue.

The program is fantastic. It was very well done … and they came and worked around our schedule.


Neocon International partnered with Efficiency Nova Scotia to successfully make changes that improved processes at their plant, while uncovering additional opportunities to enjoy the good things efficiency brings.


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