Help us shine a brighter light on your business.

Upgrading your business’ outdoor lighting to energy efficient LEDs is a small change that makes a big difference.


We can help cover up to 60% of the project costs, with an average rebate of $4,500 per project and an average payback period of 2 years, outdoor lighting upgrades are a smart investment. Plus, we have financing options available to make it even easier.


Interest-Free Financing & No Upfront Cost

The cost of the project, after your rebate, can be broken out into 24 monthly payments on your Nova Scotia Power bill (with no interest!). You can also work with your contractor to ensure there are no upfront costs.

Besides the energy savings and lower bills, the benefits of LED outdoor lighting are
tangible and worthwhile. They include:

• increased safety after dark
• lower maintenance costs due to longer product life
• instant light when you need it
• mercury-free bulbs, which are better for the environment


3 Easy Steps to Get Started:
Step 1:

Start by reviewing the product eligibility criteria and rebate amounts with your contractor. Your rebate may be higher than what is in the guide, based on your project’s energy savings.

If you need help finding a local contractor and/or service provider try our Efficiency Trade Network. We recommend requesting 3 quotes.

Step 2:

Work with your chosen contractor to complete the combined Before you Buy Application and Lighting Worksheet (this is where you will apply for financing).

Submit the combined document, along with your quote and a copy of a recent electric bill to

    Step 3:

    We’ll typically respond within 10-15 business days with a report that outlines your predicted energy savings of the project, rebate amounts, and if you are approved for financing. Once you receive pre-approval, you may begin your project!

    Popular Products


    Parkade Lighting

    Long-lasting lighting products mean less worrying
    about whether lights have burnt out in your parkade.
    Less maintenance, and a safer space.


    Sign Lighting

    Help your customers see your business in a
    brighter light with an improved LED name sign.


    Wall-Mounted Lighting

    LED wall mounted lighting casts an efficient
    brightness on your business—from the outside in.


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