Multi-use circulator pumps provide many benefits and
ways to save.
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High efficiency circulator pumps can be used in many areas of operations from heating, cooling and air conditioning. They are self-adjusting and can change based on many different factors of your building. These pumps use far less energy than conventional models, saving your business money, and creating less of an impact on the environment. With rebates available on these energy efficient pump upgrades, it’s easy to make the change in your business and start feeling the benefits.

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Potential Rebate: $60 - $400
High Efficiency Circulator Pumps

This efficient, flexible pump for heating, cooling, and air conditioning can use far less energy than conventional technology.

Efficient circulator pumps are smart. They can adjust their speed to:

  • The time of day
  • The outside temperature
  • The heating requirements inside a building
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Potential Rebate: $60-$400
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Efficiency Partners Instant in-store rebates are available on popular pumping products at the Nova Scotian location of these electrical distributors:

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Sometimes you need that extra room in the budget for energy efficiency upgrades, and Efficiency Nova Scotia has filled that gap for us.

Crombie REIT


Crombie REIT received a large rebate of $99,000 on their installation of an energy efficient chilled water pump. And the benefits don’t stop there. Their average yearly savings are $150,000, with day-to-day operations having less of an impact on the environment, and increased comfort for tenants and customers.


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