The future of your
building is electric.

Electric vehicle charging station rebates for your apartment or condo building.

Thanks to the Province of Nova Scotia, we are able to provide rebates for electric vehicle (EV) chargers to owners of multi-unit residential buildings (MURBS).

There are two EV programs to explore:

  • The EV Ready Approach
  • The Standalone EV Charger
The EV Ready Approach

The first pathway is the EV Ready Approach. So what does EV Ready actually mean? Let’s find out!

A building that is ‘EV Ready’ has an electrical connection installed for each resident’s parking space, allowing the residents a fair and simple process to install an EV charging station at any time, if they purchase an electric vehicle.

The EV Ready plan is a strategy to guide your initial charging infrastructure investments in a smart, cost-effective manner, and enables the building to achieve EV Ready in time. It helps ensure your initial charging infrastructure is future-proofed to meet long-term charging needs.

Who can create an EV Ready Plan?

For more info, download the EV Ready Approach Program Guide.

What to know about your EV Ready Plan
  • An EV Ready Plan is your first step in the process. After you have the plan completed, you are eligible for the EV Ready Charger rebates to support your charging station installations.
  • The EV Ready Plan rebate does not require you to install any charging stations or complete any electrical upgrades.
  • The EV Ready Plan and EV Ready Charger rebates are available for both new construction and existing MURB buildings.
Why choose the EV Ready Approach?

There are many benefits to the EV Ready Plan, including:

  • Cost-effective installation, avoiding or minimizing costly electrical upgrades.
  • Higher rebates per charging station and higher total rebate limits (compared to the Standalone EV Charger.)
  • An EV Ready Plan is an investment for your building and for long-term EV charging infrastructure.
  • Providing fair access to all residents with a parking stall.


There are a number of rebates available to help cover the cost of both the EV Ready Plan and the installation of EV Ready Chargers:

EV Ready Plan Rebates


75% of eligible costs, up to $4,000.
One EV Ready Plan per building.


75% of eligible costs, up to $3,000.
One EV Ready Plan per building.

EV Ready Charger Rebates


50% of eligible costs, up to $3,000.
Max $15,000 per building.


50% of eligible costs, up to $2,000.
Max $10,000 per building.

EV Ready Plan Steps
Step 1

Get familiar with the EV Ready Plan pathway. Read more about the program rebates and resources.

Step 2

Select a consultant from Efficiency Nova Scotia’s Preferred Partner (EPP) network. Efficiency Nova Scotia recommends getting up to 3 quotes prior to choosing a consultant.

Step 3

Submit your application form to Once approved, your consultant may begin developing the EV Ready Plan.

EV Ready Plan Pre-Approval Form

Step 4

Your consultant will guide you through the process to develop a long-term EV Ready Plan.

The consultant may need to engage with your electrical utility provider for their input on the main service upgrades or new service connection options.

Step 5

Time to submit your plan and application. Be sure to include the following documents:

Step 6

Your EV Ready Plan will be reviewed by Efficiency Nova Scotia for completeness and eligibility, and may be reviewed by your electrical utility provider for their approval. Once your EV Ready Plan has been approved, you are eligible for the EV Ready Charger rebates for installing charging stations according to your plan.

EV Ready Charger Steps
Step 1

An approved EV Ready Plan is required before applying for the EV Ready Charger rebate.

Step 2

Provide your EV Ready Plan to your preferred certified electrician and obtain a quote for installing charging station(s) in accordance with your plan.

Step 3

Submit your application form along with your quote to

EV Ready Charger Pre-Approval Form 

Step 4

Wait for project approval before purchasing your charging stations. Once approved, install your charging stations, and remember to ask your electrician for the electrical permit number for your project.

Step 5

Submit your Rebate Form and required documents to

Rebate Form

The Standalone EV Charger
  • The second pathway is the Standalone EV Charger, a rebate for installing eligible charging stations.
  • This pathway provides lower rebates compared the EV Ready Approach, but it’s a simpler process for smaller projects or when installing your initial charging stations.

Required documents:





50% of eligible costs, up to $2,500 per
station (max $10,000 per building).

Funding for this Program is Provided by:
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