Invest in electric for your tenants.

Electric vehicle charging station rebates for your apartment or condo building.

Our electric vehicle (EV) charging station incentives offer rebates to owners of existing apartment and condo buildings. These rebates can be up to 50% of the total project cost, to a maximum of $2,500 per station ($10,000 maximum per building), and will help to cover the expenses related to the installation of eligible charging stations. This gives owners the opportunity to make an investment in their property that will increase value for building residents now and pay off in the long term.

Who can apply for charging station rebates?


  • Any existing apartment or condo building with four or more residential units in Nova Scotia.
  • Applications must come from building owners/managers, strata councils, or other building representatives. Tenants who want a charger must work with their building owner or board. Applications will not be accepted from tenants.
  • The EV charging equipment must be installed on common area power or ‘base building’ electrical supply. They cannot be installed on a resident’s individual meter or power supply.
  • The charging station must be for use by residents of the building, and cannot be used for public charging.
  • Charging station installation must be completed by a certified electrician.


This Program is funded by the Province of Nova Scotia.

How can I apply?
Step 1

Review the Rebate Guide to ensure your building is eligible for rebates.

For a helpful resource on selection, installation and maintenance of electric vehicle chargers in buildings, click here.

Step 2

Apply for Pre-Approval. Complete and send these documents to

  • Site-Assessment Form (must be completed by a certified electrician)
  • Pre-Approval Form
  • Itemized quotes for the project: charger installations, electrical upgrades or labour, and the purchase of charging station(s).
Step 3

Wait for project approval before purchasing your charging stations. We’ll contact you within 30 days of receiving pre-approval forms. 

Step 4

Install your charging stations and remember to ask your electrician for the electrical permit number for your project.

Step 5

Submit your Rebate Form and required documents to within 6 months from receiving your pre-approval.

Funding for this Program is Provided by:
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