The future of your
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Electric vehicle charging station rebates for your apartment or condo building.


Thanks to the Province of Nova Scotia, we are able to provide rebates for electric vehicle (EV) chargers to owners of multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs).

There are two EV programs to explore:

The EV Ready Approach

This program helps you plan and implement a strategy that prepares your building for EV charging now and the future, where most of your building residents will require EV charging. It has two rebate components:

  • The first is the EV Ready Plan rebate that helps participants develop a longterm EV charging strategy.
  • The second is the EV Ready Charger rebate that supports the installation of eligible charging stations according to an EV Ready Plan.

    • A building that is ‘EV Ready’ has an electrical outlet installed in each resident’s parking space that provides an electrical connection point for installing a level 2 charging station in the future.
    • In order for a building to ensure they get EV Ready in the best way possible, participants will be required to hire an approved consultant to prepare an EV Ready Plan.


    • An EV Ready Plan is your first step in the process.
    • The EV Ready Plan is a guide for your EV charging infrastructure. It helps ensure your charging infrastructure can adapt to meet the long-term charging needs and guides the building to achieve EV Ready over time.
    • The EV Ready Plan rebate doesn’t require you to install any charging stations or complete any electrical upgrades.
    • After the plan is completed, you are eligible for EV Ready Charger rebates.
    • The EV Ready Plan and EV Ready Charger rebates are available for both new construction and existing MURB buildings.

    For more info, download the EV Ready Plan Program Guide.

    • Cost-effective installation, avoiding/minimizing costly electrical upgrades.
    • Higher rebates per charging station and higher total rebate limits (compared to the Standalone EV Charger).
    • Investment for your building and for long-term EV charging infrastructure.
    • Providing fair access to all residents with a parking stall.
    The Standalone EV Charger
    • This program assists you with your building’s initial stations to support early adopters or if your building has smaller, straightforward charging requirements.
    • It doesn’t provide the same rebates that the EV Ready Charger does.


    50% of eligible costs. Max $2,500 per charger/station (max $10,000 per building).

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