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Pool Equipment

A clean pool can make or break a customer’s experience. That’s why you maintain your pool regularly. It’s sparkling clean, but the real culprit might be your old single speed pool pump. It does the job, but also leads to high energy consumption and bills at the end of the month. With an upgraded energy efficient pool pump system, you’ll get the same clean, inviting waters at a fraction of the cost. Check out the rebates below, and see just how easy it is to dive into the savings.

pool pump
Potential Rebate: $350

Pool Pumps

Running and maintaining a pool can be expensive, especially when using a single pool pump. This is because they are usually oversized and overused; making them consume excessive amounts of electricity. A typical 1.5 horsepower single speed pool pump will consume 16,194 kWh in a year.

Variable-speed pool pumps can change their flow rate needed to circulate water, which reduces the energy needed to operate. You can save 50 – 75% of the energy it uses which is around 4,177 kWh a year.

The pool is cleaner, and our maintenance and energy bills are lower, what’s not to love?

To keep up with the frequent use of the swimming pool, a hotel in Lunenburg County installed a new energy efficient pool pump with a rebate of $350. Not only will wear and tear on the motor be reduced, the pool will be easier to maintain, and save them $950 per year on bills. And it paid for itself in just 0.8 years.

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