Heat your hot water more efficiently, for savings you
can reinvest in your business.
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Commercial Water Heating

Hot water is something that we use every day, and it’s one of the costs that can add up quickly, especially in an active business. By upgrading to an energy efficient water heating system, both the hot water and the savings will be flowing. These reliable, easy-to-operate systems are eligible for rebates, and will offer cost savings from the beginning and throughout the life of the equipment.

heat pump water heater
Potential Rebate: $600 - $800

Heat Pump Water Heater

Heat pump water heaters move heat, rather than generating it. As a result, they can use less energy than regular electrical hot water tanks. In addition, they feature:

  • Large water volumes
  • Easy operation
  • Long lifespans, with low maintenance costs
Natural gas water heater
Potential Rebate: $600 - $800

Natural Gas Water Heater

Natural gas is a cleaner, more efficient alternative to both oil and electric heat in Nova Scotia.

It offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Energy savings
  • Cost savings
  • Reliability
  • Made-in-Nova-Scotia supply
In a large institution like this, every bit of savings adds up. Then we can re-invest into things that benefit students and staff.

Acadia University is a thriving campus in Wolfville, NS that needed to make some upgrades to outdated equipment. Using a rebate of over $9,800, the school installed a heat pump water heater. This upgrade resulted in savings of $8,500 per year, and requires less maintenance—freeing up grounds staff to pursue other projects. 

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