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Why become an Efficiency Preferred Partner?

Join our network of trusted experts working with Nova Scotian homeowners and businesses to make energy efficiency projects a reality. If you’re a distributor, contractor, consulting engineer, or other energy efficiency professional, being part of our network will give you more of an advantage in a competitive industry.

1. Visibility

Being listed in our directory will get your business in front of many potential new customers. They all come to the directory with projects lined up, just looking for that perfect professional to partner with. Get your business out there, and projects booked.

2. Credibility

Gain access to the Efficiency Preferred Partner logo. You can use this logo in your advertising, letting customers know you’re an expert and are recognized as such. Aligning with a well-known organization like Efficiency Nova Scotia promotes trust with clients.

3. Knowledge

As we update our offerings, you’ll be the first to know about changes, program updates, and new rebates you can offer your customers. Be in the know about the ways we can help Nova Scotians enjoy the good things efficiency brings, together.


In order to become an Efficiency Preferred Partner, all companies must meet the following qualifications:

  • Company has been in operation for at least one year within Nova Scotia, with a Registry of Joint Stocks number (or provides a letter of experience for review if in business for less than one year)
  • $2 million in general liability insurance coverage
  • Be compliant and in good standing with Nova Scotia’s Workers’ Compensation Board (or exempt under provincial law)
  • Complete a minimum of one project with Efficiency Nova Scotia each calendar year
  • Complete a minimum of one training opportunity each calendar year

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How to Apply

Follow these simple steps to become an Efficiency Preferred Partner:

  1. Create an account by clicking the button below.
  2. Ensure you have all required documentation before you apply and submit your application (see checklist below).
  3. Your application will be reviewed by Efficiency Nova Scotia.
  4. Once approved, check your email, including your spam folder, to complete account setup.
  5. Visit the Efficiency Nova Scotia website to view your company on the contractor directory.

Application Checklist

Efficiency Preferred Partners must submit the following documents:

  • Proof of General Liability Insurance (Minimum of $2,000,000) & Expiry Date
  • WCB Number & Expiry Date (for companies with 3+ employees)
  • Business Registration Number
  • HST Number
  • Efficiency Preferred Partner  General Participation Agreement
  • Letter of industry experience for businesses in operation for less than 12 months

Solar PV installers must submit the following documents if they wish to become an Approved Installer:

  • List of all installers and electricians (including subcontractors)
  • Red Seal certificates for any electricians on staff and/or subcontracted
  • Fall Protection (Compliant with Nova Scotia OH&S Regulations section 21.3) Certificate
  • Solar Installer training certificate for each Installer* (ex. NSCC, Canadian Solar Institute, Ray Solar)

Subcontracted installers MUST work for an Approved SolarHomes company within the Efficiency Preferred Partner network.
All approved Solar PV installers are required to participate in the Efficiency Preferred Partner Solar Quality Assurance Program.


Got it all? Check the list above to see if you have everything and avoid delays with your application.

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