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Heating system rebates

Heating makes up half the energy bill in most Nova Scotian homes, making it the single largest use of energy for most of us. Upgrade to an efficient home heating system and you can get rebates to complement your monthly savings and comfortable home. Efficient heating systems like heat pumps, wood/pellet stoves, water heaters, and solar can save you money, by using less energy.

If you have installed a qualified heating system in the last 90 days, you could be eligible to receive a rebate between $150 and $2,500. Rebates are available to all homes regardless of how you heat your home.
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Available Rebates
Choose from a variety of upgrades

Heat Pumps$150 - $2,500
Wood and Pellet Heating$500 - $1,000
Three-Element Water Heater$200 - $500
Solar Thermal$400 - $1,000
ETS$300 - $2,100

5 Simple Steps to Energy Savings

Follow these simple steps to rebates on your new energy efficiency home heating equipment.
Processing times vary depending on season and can affect how quickly you receive your rebate.

Step 1

Check to make sure your new heating equipment is eligible for a rebate by reading the program Terms and conditions.

If you have installed a ductless mini-split, ensure it is on the Cold Climate Heat Pump List.  Use our look-up tool to ensure your heat pump qualifies for a rebate.

For all equipment, consult the appropriate rebate guide:

    Step 2

    Get a copy of your detailed invoice for the new equipment that meets our Invoice Guidelines (PDF available).

    Step 3

    Take photos of your newly installed system (indoor and outdoor components). These photos will be needed as part of your application.

    Step 4

    Ensure you have a copy of your most recent power bill. It’s a required component for the application.

    Step 5

    Once you have all the above documents, you can submit the appropriate online rebate application.

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    Water heating equipment rebate application

    If you have questions, please contact us at 1-877-999-6035.

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    Our heat pump is so great in the summer for keeping the house cool. We didn’t even know it could do that.

    Brian and Lena live in Hants County in a 2,200 sq ft. bungalow, and were looking for a way to save money on their expensive heating bills. They decided to install a mini-split heat pump, and received a $300 rebate for the project. Their home is now much more comfortable—warm in winter and cool in summer, while saving money on bills.

    House Type: Bungalow | Year Built: 1995
    Sq Footage:  2,200 sq ft.
    Annual Savings: Brian and Lena now save about $336 on bills annually

    elderly couple drying dishes
    We love the warmth and efficiency of our wood stove. With our savings, we’re able to do more home upgrades.

    The Sampsons are an elderly couple living in South Berwick, who were looking for alternatives to high electric heating costs in their home. They decided on the cozy, sustainable heat of a wood stove, and made the upgrade using a $500 rebate from Efficiency Nova Scotia. They now save over $1,100 annually on heating costs and enjoy a warmer, more efficient home.

    House Type: Townhome | Year Built: 1990
    Sq Footage:  1,355 sq ft.
    Annual Savings:  The Sampsons now save $1,127.12 annually (minus the cost of the wood).

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