Building greener communities.
Mi’kmaw Home Energy Efficiency Project.

Photography Credit: Barry Bernard, Eskasoni

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No-cost energy efficient upgrades to band-owned homes.

The Mi’kmaw Home Energy Efficiency Project (MHEEP) launched in 2018 and offers no-cost upgrades to improve comfort and reduce energy waste.

Efficiency Nova Scotia (ENS) collaborated with the province of Nova Scotia, housing managers, and community rights holders to determine how to deliver energy efficiency services, tailored to band-owned homes.

Together, we will continue to build greener communities through clean energy that is sustainable now and for future generations.

To date (2018-2021), the Mi’kmaw Home Energy Efficiency Project has:

Saved the equivalent of 316 homes’ energy use for one year.

Reduced approx. 1,000 tonnes of eCO2 emissions, which is the equivalent of 540 passenger vehicles.

On average, participants save more than 27 GJs annually, which is the equivalent of 800 litres of consumed gasoline.

80% of contract work is completed by community-preferred partners.

ENS partners with two delivery agents (DAs) for MHEEP: Clean Foundation and MJM Energy. DAs are responsible for arranging all energy assessments, recommending upgrades, hiring and managing qualified contractors, and communicating with housing managers on a regular basis.

These are contractors that have worked within–or are from–the community, recommended by housing managers.

Who is eligible? And how do I apply?

All single-unit, band owned homes (including duplexes) are eligible. Housing managers send ENS their participation list each year.

There is no application, participants are selected by housing managers. If you are interested in being a part of the project, please contact your housing manager.

What energy efficient products are installed?

Every participant begins with an energy assessment by an ENS-qualified partner. This assessment determines which upgrades are needed to optimize energy efficiency, tailored to each individual home. 

Common upgrades include: 

  • Draft-proofing
  • Insulation
  • Ductless mini-split heat pumps
What people have to say about MHEEP
  • Over 450 participants completed upgrades in all 13 communities.
  • Over 85% of participants noticed a difference in their home since installation.
  • 98% of participants would recommend MHEEP to others.

“They did a good job, with both parties that worked with me at my home. They asked questions and ensured that I understood the workings of my new heat pump. All in all, I am very satisfied with the professionalism of each crew – who left the house neat and tidy.”

Joe Hart, Wagmatcook

Community-preferred Contractor Spotlight

Meet Al Gould.

Al lives in Eskasoni and is the owner of Al Gould’s Electrical. His company specializes in the installation of heat pumps and HRV systems and has been apart of MHEEP since the beginning. “Most of my contract work is around Unama’ki (Cape Breton), but I’ve travelled as far as Millbrook,” Al says. “It keeps me busy, but it’s good to see homes improve their comfort through these upgrades.”

Funding for the Mi’kmaw Home Energy Efficiency Project

This program receives funding from several sources:

• The Government of Canada
• The Province of Nova Scotia’s Department of Natural Resources and Renewables
• Demand Side Management funding regulated by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review board, funded by Nova Scotia electricity ratepayers