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Whether you run a hardware store, automotive retailer, or a grocery store, energy efficiency can make a difference for your business. From lower bills, to higher product sales and a more comfortable environment for customers and staff, the good things efficiency brings are endless for retail.

As a business owner, we can help you save with energy efficiency upgrades like:

  • Improved lighting, leading to lower energy bills and improved atmosphere in your store
  • HVAC system upgrades, allowing you to provide comfort and improved air quality for your patrons
  • Rebates on heat pumps so you can better control the heat and air conditioning
  • More efficient refrigeration to help keep your products fresher for longer

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For a limited time only, incentives will increase by approximately 60% for the following measures, conditions apply*:

  • Linear Replacement Lamps
  • All Outdoor Lighting
  • Case Lighting/Sign Retrofit Applications
  • Commercial Heating

*Increased incentives will be applied to applications received on or after September 28th, 2020 until December 31, 2020 and are available for businesses whose monthly utility bill is less than $3,800, provided they meet the criteria outlined in the appropriate product worksheets.

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In retail environment lighting can make a difference in terms of perception of the store or the retail displays, so lighting levels are important.

Home Hardware in Stellarton saves $6,500 annually with simple energy efficient upgrades that are being noticed by customers.


hometown furniture and mattress retail store
A bright way to increase sales

Hometown Furniture & Mattress


Hometown Furniture & Mattress created a more welcoming space, with an improved appearance and better working conditions for employees, by upgrading their lighting to LEDs throughout the store. They are now saving $1,200 a year in energy costs, and with a rebate of over $5,200 and quick 3 year payback period, it’s a project that will be benefiting them for years to come.


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