Moderate Income Rebate Application

Make your home more comfortable and energy efficient through upgrades such as heat pumps, better insulation, draft-proofing, windows, doors, and other upgrades. If you have a moderate income, you may qualify for additional incentives towards your energy efficient upgrades and the cost of your Home Energy Assessment may be covered.

The Government of Canada and the Province of Nova Scotia are working together to help low- and median-income Canadian households who are currently heating their homes with oil to make the transition to electric cold-climate heat pumps. The Oil to Heat Pump Affordability (OHPA) Program provides up to $15,000 to help eligible homeowners make this transition and may be combined with funding from existing federal and provincial programs.

Are you ready to apply?

Before you start your application make sure you check all the boxes. Copies of documentation must be submitted with your application:


✓ Your household net income is under the levels shown
in the chart below;

You own a home (i.e. detached, duplex/semi-detached, townhouse, or mobile home) located in Nova Scotia and can provide proof of ownership;

✓ You live in your home year-round, it is your current primary residence and you do not plan to sell it in the near future;

✓ The home is at least 6 months old, and no major renovations have been started.


✓ Proof of income (recent Notice of Assessment from Canada Revenue Agency for all members of your household over the age of 18). You can request a copy from the Canadian Revenue Agency at 1-800-959-8281.

✓ Proof of home ownership (property tax assessment notice, property tax bill or bill of sale. This must include the homeowner’s full name and civic address.)

NUMBER OF PEOPLE LIVING IN YOUR HOMEMAXIMUM ANNUAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME (Line 23600 minus line 43500 from your Tax Notice of Assessment)
1 person$37,260
2 people $77,050
3 people$98,900
4 people $120,750
5 or more people$126,500