Instant Savings


Instant Savings on Energy Efficient Products in on now until May 6!

This Spring, you can save instantly at more than 150 stores across Nova Scotia on dozens of easy-to-install, energy efficient products.

Enjoy Instant Savings of $2 to $75 at the checkout and even longer-term savings on your power bill.

Instant savings on refrigerators and clothes washers are available year round.

Find a participating Instant Savings retailer near you.



Energy Efficient Product Rebates


Each Fall and Spring, Efficiency Nova Scotia offers instant discounts right at the checkout on these energy efficient products:


Clothes Washers ($75 year round discount available)

Refrigerators ($75 year round discount available)

Dehumidifiers ($30 year round discount available)



Power Bars and Smart Power Strips ($5 instant discount available now)

Heavy Duty Outdoor Timers ($8 instant discount available now)

Outdoor Motion Sensors ($5 instant discount available now)

Indoor Motion Sensors ($5 instant discount available now)

Programmable Thermostats for Electric Baseboard Heaters ($12 – $36 instant discount available now)

Dimmer Switches ($3 – $6 instant discount available now)

LED Solid-State and Recessed Fixtures ($8 – $20 instant discount available now)

LED Bulbs ($2 – $7 instant discount available now)


Room Air Purifiers ($40 instant discount available now)



Outside Clothesline Kits ($5 instant discount available now)



Outside Clothes Dryers ($5 instant discount available now)



Have a question?

Call our expert team of Energy Solution Advisors to help answer your questions. Call toll free at 1-877-999-6035.


Please search maps below for the Instant Savings retailer nearest you. Simply input your town or postal code to display the map of retailers in your area. Maps are broken out into two categories. One map for retailers of energy efficient products, and another map for retailers of energy efficient appliances.


Energy Efficient Products – Retailer List for Instant Savings


Appliances – Retailer List for Year Round Instant Savings

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Walk through your home and see how energy efficiency products can save you big on energy and costs.
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