Data Logger Pilot

Thank you for your interest in the energy usage pilot. 

We are looking for specific types of homes for this pilot.  Please check to make sure you meet all of the following before proceeding.  If you do not meet all of these, unfortunately you are not eligible to participate in the pilot.

  • Your home has been electrically heated for the past 2 years (Your home is probably electrically heated if you don’t use oil, gas, propane or wood (pellets) as your primary source of heating fuel)
  • You own your home (that is, you are not a tenant)
  • Your home is a single or semi-detached home, or row house
  • You have lived at your current home for the past 5 years
  • You do not plan to move in the next 2 years

If this describes you, then please provide your contact information below.  Note – all fields are mandatory.

Thank You!