Course Package: Sustainability (I-P)

Course Packages are a collection of individual Courses that address specific subject areas. Due to their focus, Course Packages help subscribers get only the information relevant to the subject area and avoid unrelated material. This course package, totaling 39.0 PDHs, is comprised of 9 individual courses. They are: 

Basics of Sustainable Design 

Energy Conservation 

LEED Guidance 

Indoor Environmental Quality 

Ventilation and IAQ 

AEDG Small Office Buildings Lighting 

AEDG Small Retail Buildings Design Strategies and Recommendations 

Achieving Zero-Energy Building Design 

Solar Decathlon Building Science Education 

For details on the individual courses, check out the links for the courses here: Course Package: Sustainability (I-P), 38.0 PDHs ( 

Each course includes interactive activities, knowledge checks, and an exam. 


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