Common Questions

I’ve already done everything I can do to save energy and my power bill doesn’t go down. How come?

Power rates fluctuate for a number of reasons, including the price of coal, increased demand or the unexpected closure of big energy consuming plants. When we take steps to reduce our consumption and increase our efficiency, we still pay less than if we did nothing. If you’d like more tips on how to lower your bills or take advantage of efficiency programs, take a look around our website or contact us at

What’s the payoff?

In Nova Scotia, every dollar invested in energy efficiency returns almost $3 in energy savings to Nova Scotians. This year, Nova Scotians will save $99 million in electricity costs through energy efficiency, and those savings will continue to grow, year after year.

How does energy efficiency help the local economy?

Money invested in energy efficiency is money that stays in Nova Scotia. Energy efficiency programs help businesses reduce operating costs, increase profits and remain competitive by reducing the amount of energy they buy. This allows them to invest in other, more productive areas.

Energy efficiency is also promoting innovation and creating new opportunities for local energy consultants, trades people, contractors, manufacturers and distributors. Growing energy efficiency activity is spawning new local companies, including Atlantic Canada’s first appliance recycling center in Dartmouth, and Nova Scotia’s first tank-wrap manufacturing company in Pictou County. Nova Scotia’s energy efficiency industry contributes $192 million annually to our economy and provides 1,200 full-time jobs across the province. It’s also an industry that expects to grow, at more than five times the rate of our economy overall.

How does energy efficiency help Nova Scotia meet its environmental commitments?

Energy efficiency is helping the province meet its commitments under the Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act (EGSPA) and the Province’s Equivalency Agreement with the Federal Government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Energy savings from efficiency since 2008 currently prevent 650,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually from entering the atmosphere. That’s the equivalent of taking around 130,000 cars off the road.

How can we know if Efficiency Nova Scotia is really saving energy?

Efficiency Nova Scotia’s energy savings undergo a rigorous, independent, multi-stage review every year. An independent evaluator visits customer sites, talks to participants and contractors, prepares their own savings estimates, and offers recommendations in a detailed report. The Utility and Review Board’s own independent expert then examines the findings and submits a final verification report. And finally, those reports are all submitted to the Utility and Review Board for its own review and distributed to stakeholders and the public. These reports can be found on the Utility and Review Board’s website.