Annual Report shows the good things efficiency brings all Nova Scotians



Dartmouth, Nova Scotia – Nova Scotians saved an impressive 137 GWh of electricity in 2016, putting EfficiencyOne – the non-profit operator of Efficiency Nova Scotia – on-track to meet its three-year target set by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board. The UARB approved a $102-million plan to save 405 GWh of electricity by the end of 2018.


More than 28,000 Nova Scotians completed electricity-saving projects with help from Efficiency Nova Scotia last year, from recycling old appliances to upgrading insulation and sealing drafts. Since 2008, energy efficiency has helped reduce Nova Scotia’s electricity load by nine per cent.


Funding from the Province also helped Efficiency Nova Scotia lower energy bills for approximately 1,500 low-income homeowners. Energy efficient upgrades made in these homes help homeowners save up to $900 annually on heating costs. Additional funding announced earlier this spring will extend these services to an additional 800 non-electrically heated homes over the next two years.


Taken together, this work has collectively saved Nova Scotians $150 million in energy costs and avoided 700,000 tonnes of GHG emissions last year alone. The final figures are included in EfficiencyOne’s 2016 Annual Report  released in May.


“As a national leader in energy efficiency, Nova Scotians are creating a better future for our province,” says Stephen MacDonald, Chief Executive Officer of EfficiencyOne. “This work not only reduces our energy use and carbon emissions, it supports a thriving industry across Nova Scotia.”
Nova Scotia’s energy efficiency industry directly provides more than 1,000 full-time jobs in the province. Efficiency Nova Scotia offers advice, rebates and project financing to help residents and businesses save electricity. Its independent model is unique in Canada, and now other jurisdictions, like Alberta and Manitoba, have announced similar initiatives designed to replicate Efficiency Nova Scotia’s success.


The Marigold Cultural Centre, a small gallery and theatre in Truro, is just one of the businesses Efficiency Nova Scotia worked with in 2016. With project support from Efficiency Trade Network member Eddy Group Ltd., the Centre was able to replace every light fixture in its building and expects to save $2,600 a year on its electricity bill. The warmer atmosphere created by the new lighting has also helped the Centre increase ticket sales, theatre bookings and gallery sales for artists.


“Our theatre only has 208 seats to sell, which makes it difficult to make a profit,” says Farida Gabbani, Managing Director of the Marigold Centre. “It’s a good model for anyone else to follow because you’re not alone. You have support.”


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EfficiencyOne is an independent, non-profit organization based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and the operator of the Efficiency Nova Scotia franchise. Efficiency Nova Scotia has helped more than 250,000 program participants complete energy efficiency projects, saving $150 million on power bills in 2016 alone and preventing the release of 700,000 tonnes of GHG emissions annually.

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