EfficiencyOne proposes to deliver more energy savings to Nova Scotians



HALIFAX, NS – EfficiencyOne is seeking approval to help Nova Scotians and Nova Scotia businesses achieve additional energy savings over a three-year period starting in 2020.

In an application filed with the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board today, EfficiencyOne details a proposal that would support construction of 2,400 energy efficient homes and 2,700 retrofits of existing homes. Other programs support upgrades for 2,000 small business customers and 640,000 rebates for efficient products.


“Our plan is consistent with our mandate from successive governments to help Nova Scotia residents and businesses reduce their energy consumption and costs,” said Stephen MacDonald, CEO of EfficiencyOne. “For every dollar customers invest in energy efficiency, they get back almost $5 in savings.”


Under the independent utility’s 2020-2022 Efficiency Plan, new programs have been developed to deliver benefits to Mi’kmaq communities and for renters. The plan also focuses additional resources for insulation and other higher-cost upgrades that provide long-term energy savings to customers.


Mr. MacDonald said EfficiencyOne plans to enhance its service offerings to maximize benefits that can be achieved for the province, its people and its businesses, as outlined in the most recent Integrated Resource Plan.


If the goals of the plan are not met, “Nova Scotians will end up paying more than they should for our electricity system, CO2 emissions could be higher, and customer bills will be higher because they have lost out on the opportunity to take full advantage of energy savings.”


The application filed with the UARB seeks approval for a three-year, $129-million investment with target first-year energy savings of 421.7 GWh, demand savings of 120.1 MW, and lifetime energy savings of 5,996.3 GWh.



EfficiencyOne is an independent, non-profit organization based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. It has helped more than 400,000 program participants complete efficiency projects. In 2018, EfficiencyOne programs enabled Nova Scotians to reduce CO2 emissions by one million tonnes.


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