Business Energy Rebates

We make it easy and affordable for you to choose energy efficient products for your business. Receive either instant or mail-in rebates to help you offset the cost of premium energy efficient products.

Small Business Energy Solutions

Improve your energy efficiency - and we’ll pay up to 60% of the cost!

Custom Solutions

We’ll help reduce your business’s energy use with technical assistance and financial support - up to 50% of the project cost!

New Construction

Build your competitive advantage from the ground up!

Rental Properties & Condo Upgrades

A service to install energy efficient products in rental properties with 20 units or more - at no cost to you or your tenants!

Affordable Multifamily Housing

A comprehensive energy audit and custom efficiency recommendations for qualified registered businesses or charities .

Energy Planning & Management

A structured energy management framework for industrial and institutional facilities.

Building Optimization

A service to help restore older buildings to their maximum energy performance.

Mercury Collection

Recycle mercury-containing products to help reduce the amount of mercury entering our environment. Find a drop-off location nearest you and we’ll recycle them for you, free of charge.