| June 20, 2023

Free Energy Assessments for Small Businesses

What is an energy assessment? 

An energy assessment is a full assessment of your business that can help determine when, where, why and how energy is being used. A report is generated from the assessment that provides you with information on how you can improve energy efficiency to reduce operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.  

What is the process of an energy assessment? 

The assessment often begins with a review of your building’s historic energy consumption and business information. This process begins once you complete and submit an Opportunity Worksheet.  

After we review this information, we’ll do an onsite walkthrough of your business to get a better understanding of the systems in place.  

Your energy auditor will then prepare a report to help you determine the upgrades that will best achieve your energy goals, and how Efficiency Nova Scotia can support you in achieving these goals. Once you’ve selected the upgrades you’d like to implement, the next step is to hire a contractor to complete the upgrades. We have a network of trusted local professionals from our Efficiency Preferred Partner network that you can choose from. 

Who is eligible for a free energy assessment through Efficiency Nova Scotia? 

Whether your small business is heated with electricity, oil, gas or other fuels, free energy assessments are available to customers whose monthly electrical energy costs are less than $3,800 per month. As funding is limited, not every business that meets this threshold and applies will receive an energy assessment. 

Who should apply for an energy assessment?  

Small business owners looking to lower their operating costs through energy efficiency, but who are not sure what equipment they have in their facility that could use an energy efficiency upgrade, or who don’t know where to start. 

Ready to get started?  

Tell us a little bit about your business by filling out our Opportunity Worksheet and including it in the contact form below.